Monday, August 11, 2014

La Belle et la Bête (2014)

While looking into Disney’s planned live-action adaptation of their take on the fairytale classic, Beauty and the Beast (a completely unnecessary endeavor, as their film’s already a masterpiece), I came across another film adaptation of the story that was released unbeknownst to me in France earlier this year. Christophe Gans’ take on the tale is a more faithful take on the source material, while still showing signs of influence from other iterations of the story, such as the 1991 Disney film—with middling results.

Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy is one of those movies that suffers from being overhyped. Call it “hype backlash” or whatever, but for a film boasting a poster with a tagline reading “You’re Welcome”, and the word of mouth currently circulating, I was hoping for something that broke the mold more than it did. And what it did wasn’t exactly breaking the mold, so much as…reshaping it? Iron Man 3 made a bigger impression. And that’s not to say the film is bad—it isn’t. Nowhere near it. The movie was good, and a fun time. Heck, I saw it twice and only got somewhat bored during the third act. But for what many assumed (and claim) to be Marvel’s best, I was just let down, is all.